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OEA Publications

TitleInteractiveDownloadFile Size
Kentucky School District Superintendent Employment And ContractsRR399.pdf542890
Performance-Based Credit In KentuckyRR398.pdf469877
Kentucky District Data Profiles School Year 2012RR397.pdf3630217
Governance Of Education Data Security In KentuckyRR396.pdf2656398
Tracking Teacher Shortages: Trends And Continuing QuestionsRR395.pdf534230
Appropriate Identification and Service of Students With Disabilities: Special Education Eligibility, Funding, and Personnel Training (2011)RR393.pdf655764
Kentucky District Data Profiles School Year 2011RR392.pdf4790875
2011 School Finance ReportRR389.pdf528762
Reporting Total Revenue: On-behalf Payments and Local Activity FundsRR388.pdf327705
Compendium of State Education Rankings 2011RR387.pdf561913

​Other Publications

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