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OEA Publications

TitleInteractiveDownloadFile Size
Leadership Training for Superintendents, School Board Members, Principals, and School-based Decision Making Council MembersRR371.pdf1172665
Compendium of State Education Rankings (2009)RR370.pdf243160
Mathematics Study Part 3: Achievement in Kentucky Schools, Successful Practices, and Continuing ChallengesRR369 part 3.pdf624359
Mathematics Study Part 2: Educator Preparation and Teacher QualityRR369 part 2.pdf633349
Mathematics Study Part 1: Assessment and Course TakingRR369 part 1.pdf814938
Kentucky District Data Profiles (2009)RR368.pdf6027974
Review of Education Technology Initiatives (2009)rr363.pdf820802
Compendium of State Education Rankings (2008)RR362.pdf1756190
Fees, Dues, and Supplies in Kentucky Schools (2009)RR361.PDF683110
Kentucky District Data Profiles School Year 2007-2008RR360.pdf7656249

​Other Publications

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