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Fiscal and Economic Resource Center


We are the Office of Economic Analysis; a part of the Legislative Research Commission. It is our job to be knowledgeable about economic and fiscal topics, particularly those pertaining to Kentucky. Economic topics include employment, income, and poverty. Fiscal topics include government spending, revenue, and taxes.


Our goal is to share these publications with not only legislators, but the public as well.


On this page, you will find interactive visuals of various economic and fiscal topics. The General Fund and Road Fund visuals show how revenue is collected from different taxes. Using these visuals, you can see which tax generates the most revenue, revenue for the year and current month, the history of revenue collections, and more. We will continue to add visuals about other economic and fiscal topics. Coming soon is a visual showing various economic measures, such as unemployment rate, household income, poverty rate, and more, of Kentucky and its surrounding states.


To view these visuals, navigate using the buttons to the right.


We appreciate any feedback so we can make this tool as useful as possible. If you have any questions or comments​, ​please contact us at​