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Committee Details

House Standing Committee
Health & Family Services (H)


Matters pertaining to human development, health, and welfare; delivery of health services; support of dependents; public assistance; child welfare; adoptions; children's homes; disabled persons; family welfare; aid to the blind; commitment and care of children; mental health; substance abuse; health, medical and dental scholarships; local health units and officers; vital statistics; communicable diseases; hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities; health professions; physicians, osteopaths and podiatrists; chiropractors; dentists and dental specialists; nurses; pharmacists; embalmers and funeral directors; psychologists; optometrists, ophthalmic dispensers; physical therapists; senior citizens; eliminating age discrimination; non-public sector retirement; problems of aging; violent acts against the elderly.
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  • DeeAnn Wenk - Committee Staff Administrator
  • Logan Bush
  • Chris Joffrion
  • Samir Nasir
  • Ben Payne
  • D. J. Burns - Committee Assistant