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OEA Hotline

The Office of Education Accountability has maintained a toll-free hotline service since January 1991 to receive concerns and complaints from citizens, parents, school district employees, and others. This office is charged with investigating allegations of waste, mismanagement, and illegal activity that have not been adequately addressed or explained by a local district. Concerns and complaints reported to this office regularly involve school-based decision making (SBDM), special education, the state testing and accountability program, nepotism, governance issues, conflict of interest of board members, inadequate educational programs, and various problems involving local district policies. Issues that are not within the jurisdiction of the OEA are referred back to the local school district or the appropriate state, federal, or investigative agency.

OEA requires that complainants submit their concerns in writing (file a complaint online). 

If you have a concern or comment pertaining to a local school district, please contact OEA toll-free at 800-242-0520 or at 502-564-8167. Complaints may also be faxed directly to OEA at 502-564-8322.