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OEA Staff

​The listings below include the name and e-mail addresses for all OEA staff. Staff may be reached at the e-mail address listed or by phone at 502-564-8167 or toll free at 800-242-0520. To fax information to a staff member use 502-564-8322. Mail directly to a staff member at 702 Capital Ave. Room 096, Frankfort, Ky. 40601.

​E-mail Address
​Marcia Ford Seiler, OEA Deputy Director
​Bryan Jones, OEA Investigations Division Manager
​Brad Nelson, Education Accountability Investigator
​Jeanna L. Gonzales, Education Accountability Investigator
​Dr. Lauren Graves, Education Accountability Investigator
​Terri Collins, Education Accountability Investigator
​Dr. Bartolo Liguori, OEA Research Division Manager
​Sabrina Cummins, Education Accountability Research Analyst
​Dr. Deborah I. Nelson, Education Accountability  Research Analyst
​Albert Alexander, Education Accountability  Research Analyst
​Chris Riley, Education Accountability  Research Analyst
​Allison Stevens, Education Accountability Research Analyst
​Pamela Young, Administrative Assistant
​Angela Jones, Administrative Assistant