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Certified Versions


Updated July 18, 2022

The Kentucky Legislative Research Commission is required by KRS 7.131 to maintain the official version of the Kentucky Revised Statutes in an electronic database. KRS 7.132(1) provides that the Commission may designate particular versions of the Kentucky Revised Statutes as certified versions under certain conditions.

  • Under KRS 7.138(2), only texts from the offici​al version or a certified version of the Kentucky Revised Statutes may be submitted or cited by a party or relied upon by a court or an administrative officer or body in judicial and administrative proceedings.
  • The abbreviation KRS may be used as an abbreviation for "Kentucky Revised Statutes" under KRS 446.120(1).
  • Two printed editions of the Kentucky Revised Statutes have been designated as certified versions by action of the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission.The publishers of these two certified versions are:
    • LexisNexis
      (formerly Michie Law Publishers)
      (800) 833-9844

    • Thomson Reuters
      (formerly Banks-Baldwin Law Publishing Company)
      (800) WESTLAW (800-937-8529)
      (800) 344-5008