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LRC Research Memoranda

Research memoranda are not as comprehensive as research reports and often consist primarily of the work of a committee or task force and report of its findings and recommendations.

To find a specific memorandum :
  • By memorandum number, click the column header named “Number” to sort numerically in descending or ascending order. Click the header again to change order.
  • By a specific title, click column header named “Title” to sort alphabetically in descending or ascending order. Click the header again to change order.
  • NOTE: A research memorandum number that ends in “U” means that the memorandum has been adopted by the committee but that it is in production process for final printing. These memoranda are not printed and are available only via this electronic link. When the production process is complete and the final memorandum is printed, the “U” version will be replaced with the final version with the same memorandum number.

To open a memorandum PDF, click the link in the "Download" column. You may print out any memorandum using this link. 

Research memoranda that are out of print are available only in PDF by the "Download" link on this page. 

Research memoranda that are in print are available in PDF by the "Download" link on this page or are available by contacting in writing:
LRC Publication Office
Capitol Room 083
700 Capital Ave.
Frankfort, KY 40601-3415

Research Memoranda
NumberTitleDownloadFile Size
532How States Tax Electric Vehicles and Fund Transportation Services (2023)RM532.PDF1332102
531Costs, Benefits, and Methods of Implementing Alternative Rate Mechanisms for Utility Ratemaking (2022)RM531.PDF1010272
530Report Of The Pari-Mutuel Wagering Taxation Task Force (2021)RM530.pdf698583
529Public Pension Oversight Board 2020 ReportRM529.pdf857946
528Report Of The Property Valuation Administrator’s Office Task Force (2020)RM528.PDF2905320
527Public Pension Oversight Board 2019 ReportRM527.PDF5615621
526Report Of The Area Development District Working Group (2019)RM526.PDF984734
525Public Pension Oversight Board 2018 ReportRM525.pdf897673
523Public Pension Oversight Board 2016 ReportRM523.pdf545805
522Report Of The Task Force On Government Nonprofit ContractingRM522.pdf305717
521Report Of The 2016 Workers’ Compensation Task ForceRM521.pdf14381994

​Out of Print

Research Memoranda
NumberTitleDownloadFile Size
524Public Pension Oversight Board 2017 ReportRM524.pdf565437
520Municipal BankruptcyRM520.pdf380147
519Public Pension Oversight Board 2015 ReportRM519.pdf589647
518Public Pension Oversight Board 2014 ReportRM518.pdf327900
517Supports For Family Caregivers Of EldersRM517.pdf329697
516Co-Chairs’ Report Of The Military And Overseas Voting Assistance Task Force (2013 Senate Bill 1)RM516.pdf391940
515Notification Of Probation And Parole ViolationsRM515.pdf253446
514Report of The 2013 Task Force on the Unified Juvenile Code (2013 Senate Concurrent Resolution 35)RM514.pdf217784
513Review of Kentucky-based Nutrition Programs and ResearchRM513.pdf413920
512Report of the Task Force on Kentucky Public Pensions (2012 House Concurrent Resolution 162)RM512.pdf391481