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Visitors & Education

Covid-19 Guidelines for Visiting the Legislature

All visitors may continue to attend legislative committee meetings in person.

Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask in areas controlled by the legislative branch, which includes committee rooms in the Capitol Annex along with the House and Senate galleries and the third floor of the Capitol Building.

Vaccinated guests may still wear a mask if they choose, but unvaccinated guests should wear a mask at all times. 

All guests will be required to wear a mask to enter the Capitol and in other areas of the building, including the basement and first and second floors. All guests will be required to wear a mask in areas of the Capitol Annex under the control of the executive branch such as the lobbies, the cafeteria, and offices of the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet.

Visitors attending legislative committee meetings should enter the Capitol Annex through the visitor's entrance, located at the center doors on the front of the building.   

The LRC will continue to spread out audience seats in committee rooms for social distancing purposes. If a meeting is expected to attract significant interest, an overflow room will be available so that anyone who cannot find a seat in the primary meeting room may still view the meeting in real time.
All committee meetings are livestreamed so that people who cannot attend meetings may view them online. For more information, go to our Live Stream Page 

The first floor and basement of the Capitol Annex are open to visitors, but citizens must have a scheduled appointment to access the second, third and fourth floors of the Annex where lawmakers' offices are located. Individual legislators may require guests to wear a mask in their personal offices, so please ask about that policy as part of the scheduling process.  

Access to the tunnel from the parking structure to the Annex and from the Annex to the Capitol now requires an active security badge. 

General Tips

Free guided tours of the Kentucky State Capitol are available Monday through Friday, beginning at the tour guide desk in the Rotunda. Call 502-564-3449 to schedule a tour. 

If you’re visiting during a legislative session (roughly January through April 15, depending on the year), you may also want to contact your legislators to see if they can arrange for gallery passes that allow you to watch the House or Senate proceedings. 

Legislative committee meetings year-round are open to the public, and no special passes are needed.

Always check the Legislative Calendar before making a trip to Frankfort to see if there have been any last-minute scheduling changes.

Visitor Parking and Information

During legislative sessions of the General Assembly and on other committee meeting days, often there are large crowds arriving at the Capitol and Capitol Annex to watch proceedings.

Planning ahead and knowing where to park and the location of public entrances will help make your visit more successful.

The Capitol Parking Garage can be accessed via Old Lawrenceburg Rd. or from Capitol Ave. There are some public parking and handicap accessible parking on the surface lot on the east side of the Annex. There also is a ramp leading to floors 4-6 of the garage for additional public parking. Floor 2 and half of Floor 3 are reserved parking by permit only.

There is a handicap accessible entrance in both the Capitol and the Capitol Annex.

View a map of the Capitol campus parking and public entrances.

Contact Your Legislators

Do Some Research

We have some general interest publications about the legislative process along with a video presentation, A Look at the Kentucky General Assembly, that may help you prepare for a visit to the Capitol.