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OEA Publications

Research Reports
TitleInteractiveDownloadFile Size
Kentucky District Data Profiles School Year 2021District Data Profiles 2021RR475.pdf8825880
From Snow-Bound Pilot to Statewide Implementation: Lessons Learned from Kentucky's Nontraditional (Remote) Instruction Program, 2012-2021RR474.PDF3460272
Funding Kentucky Public Education: An Analysis of Education Funding Through the SEEK Formula (2021)SEEK 2020RR471.pdf2328662
Kentucky District Data Profiles School Year 2020District Data Profiles 2020RR469.pdf8271087
An Overview Of Facilities Needs and Funding In Kentucky (2020)RR467.pdf1317575
Kentucky District Data Profiles School Year 2019District Data Profiles 2019RR466.PDF9039567
An Overview Of School Counselors In Kentucky (2019)RR465.PDF3468985
Career And Technical Enrollment And Subsequent Employment By Sector (2019)RR464.PDF2703131
Teacher Shortages And Supports For New Teachers (2019)RR463.PDF1075209
Revenues And Expenditures For Career And Technical Education In Kentucky (2019)RR461.PDF1175983

​Other Publications

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