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Prior Committee Information


From time to time Legislative Committees are terminated or changed as the needs of the General Assembly change. Special committees, such as a Task Force, are often created and utilized for a short period of time for a specialized topic. These groups typically only last for a single interim period.

Below are the listings of previous committees that have been created. They are broken up by type and currently not ordered in any specific way.

If a committee did not have minutes or meeting materials it will not be listed. Meeting materials were only made available online since 2019. All electronically available minutes are searchable through the Minutes Search function off the main search page.

NOTE : This page is considered a living document and will be updated or reorganized as new information is added. If yo​u are looking for a specific prior committee, first try the Minutes Search as committees from before 2005 may not appear below.

2022-2024 Budget Preparation and Submission Subcommittee
| 2021
Child Welfare Oversight and Advisory Committee
| 2018 - 2022
Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Committee
| 1998 - 2022
Program Review and Investigations Committee
| 2000 - 2020