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Annex Committee Room Reservations


The Legislative Research Commission allows members of the public to reserve meeting rooms on the first floor of the Capitol Annex for various purposes throughout the year. Anyone can reserve a room, providing they agree to the terms in our Meeting Room Agreement Policy.

Those reserving rooms should also review our Policy Guidelines for Meeting Rooms beforehand. 

To reserve a room, contact Facilities Administrative Assistant Kate Talley at 502-564-8100 ext. 59199 or at​. For more information about the process, please review our FAQ page

Photos and layouts for each room are available below. Each layout provides details on seating and room capacity.

Room 113

Seating Available: 60​
Maximum occupancy: 90
11 Round Tables, 5 Chairs per Table

room 113 Photo​​ room 113 layout

Room 149

Seating Available: 166
Maximum Occupancy: 250

room 149 photo room 149 layout

Room 125

Seating Available: 111
Maximum Occupancy: 238

Room 125 Photo ​​room 125 layout

Room 154

Seating Available: 166
Maximum Occupancy: 250

room 154 photo room 154 layout

Room 129

Seating Available: 120
Maximum Occupancy: 150

room 129 photo room 129 layout

Room 169

Seating Available: 120
Maximum Occupancy: 150

room 169 photo room 169 layout

Room 131

Seating Available: 120
Maximum Occupancy: 150

room 131 photo room 131 layout

Room 171

Seating Available: 120
Maximum Occupancy: 150​

room 171 photo room 171 layout