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Kentucky Revised Statutes

General Information about the WWW Version of the KRS
  • Under KRS 61.874, it is unlawful to use any records available on this site for a commercial purpose without agreement with the Legislative Research Commission.
  • The statutes provided at this World Wide Web site are an unofficial posting of the Kentucky Revised Statutes as maintained in the official internal statutory database of the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission.
  • These files were first posted on the Web on September 11, 1996, and have been updated after each session since that time.
  • The files making up this Internet version of the Kentucky Revised Statutes do not constitute official text of the statutes and are intended for informational purposes only. No representation is made as to the accuracy or completeness of these sections.
  • The certified versions of the Kentucky Revised Statutes should be consulted for all matters requiring reliance on the statutory text.
  • This material is made available on the Internet by the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission as a public service under KRS 7.500.
  • Placing these files on the Internet does not alter or relinquish any copyright or proprietary interest or entitlement of the Commonwealth of Kentucky relating to this information.
  • The Kentucky Revised Statutes is a subject-based statutory compilation using a decimal numbering system.
  • The broadest subject grouping in the KRS is called a "title"; titles are made up of smaller subject units called "chapters."
  • Chapters contain sections of the KRS, the individual laws. The text of sections may be subdivided into smaller components, which are: subsections (denoted as (1), (2), (3), etc.); paragraphs (denoted as (a), (b), (c), etc.); subparagraphs (denoted as (1., 2., 3., etc.); subdivisions of subparagraphs (denoted as a., b., c., etc.); and subparts of subdivisions of subparagraphs (shown as i., ii., iii., etc.).
  • Between sessions, the WWW version will be updated from time to time to reflect changes due to delayed effective dates and database corrections as maintained in the internal statutory database of the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission.

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