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Emergency Regulations by Number

To see a list of emergency regulations potentially impacted by 2021 legislation, click HERE.

NOTICE: We are in the process of updating the look, feel, and function of the online KAR pages. This emergency regulation page will be replaced soon with a new version. At that time this page will be deprecated and a new link will be provided.

​All links below should redirect to the new version of the KAR pages.

The new list of emergency regulations can be found here:

Education Professional Standards 

                016 KAR 2:220E – Emeritus certificate

                016 KAR 2:230E – Exception certificate

Secretary of State 

                030 KAR 5:011E – Definitions for 30 KAR Chapter 5

                030 KAR 5:021E – Filing methods and forms

                030 KAR 5:031E – Acceptance and refusal of records

                030 KAR 5:041E – UCC Information management system

                030 KAR 5:051E – Filing, indexing, and data entry procedures

                030 KAR 5:060E – Search requests, reports, and copies

                030 KAR 6:011E – Kentucky address confidentiality program


                031 KAR 4:195E – Consolidation of precincts and precinct election officers

                031 KAR 4:200E – Chain of custody for records during an election contest

                031 KAR 5:025E – Ballot standards and election security

Civil Law 

                040 KAR 1:040E – Standardized Open Records Request Form

Personnel Cabinet ​

                101 KAR 2:210E – 2021 and 2022 Plan Year Handbooks for the Public Employee Health Insurance Program

Teachers Retirement System 

                102 KAR 1:360E – Disability benefits for members who enter on, or after, January 1, 2022

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority 

              200 KAR 17:110E Guidelines for Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Drinking Water and Wastewater Grant Program


              201 KAR 2:106E - Licensed or permitted facility closures

              201 KAR 2:412E Ordering and administering vaccinations


              201 KAR 8:505E Administration of COVID-19 immunizations


              201 KAR 12:082E Education requirements and school a​dministration​

Embalmers and Funeral Directors 

              201 KAR 15:030E Fees

              201 KAR 15:040E Examination

              201 KAR 15:050E Apprenticeship and supervision requirements

              201 KAR 15:110E Funeral establishment criteria

              201 KAR 15:125E Surface transportation permit


              201 KAR 20:260E - Organization and administration standards for prelicensure registered nurse or practical nurse programs of nursing

              201 KAR 20:480E - Licensure of graduate of foreign nursing schools

Board for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy 

              201 KAR 46:020E - Fees


                603 KAR 10:011E – Repeal of 603 KAR 10:002, 10:010, and 10:021

                603 KAR 10:040E – Advertising devices

Department of Education

               702 KAR 001:192E – District employee quarantine leave

Public Protection Cabinet

               800 KAR 001:020E – Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund

Workplace Standards

                803 KAR 2:321E – Occupational health and environmental control

                803 KAR 2:330E – Occupational exposure to COVID-19

                803 KAR 2:426E – Stairways and ladders

                803 KAR 25:305E – Workers' Compensation expedited hearings pursuant to occupational exposure to COVID-19

List of Emergency Regulations Potentially Impacted by 2021 Legislation