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Current Emergency Regulations by Number

Executive Branch Ethics Commission

     9 KAR 1:040E – Executive agency lobbyist, employer of executive agency lobbyist, and real party in interest registration and expenditure statements; financial transactions and termination forms; and enforcement

Governor's Office

     10 KAR 001:011E – Defense of employees


                31 KAR 004:194E – Procedures for November 3, 2020 elections

Personnel Cabinet 

                101 KAR 2:210E – 2019 and 2020 Plan Year Handbooks for the Public Employee Health Insurance Program

                101 KAR 6:010E – Living organ donor leave

Boards and Commissions


              201 KAR 2:410E. Ordering and administering vaccinations

Fish and Wildlife 

              301 KAR 2:221. Waterfowl seasons and limits

Justice and Public Safety

                501 KAR 6:080E – Department of Corrections manuals


                601 KAR 2:232E – Kentucky Ignition Interlock Program


               702 KAR 001:190E – District employee emergency leave

               702 KAR 003:270E – SEEK funding formula

               702 KAR 007:140E – School Calendar

               702 KAR 007:125E – Pupil attendance

Team Kentucky Fund

                800 KAR 1:010E – Team Kentucky Fund

Board of Claims

                802 KAR 1:010E – Tax appeal procedures

                802 KAR 2:010E – Negligence claims before the Board of Claims

                802 KAR 3:010E – Crime victims compensation

Workers' Compensation

                803 KAR 2:320E – Toxic and hazardous substances

                803 KAR 25:089E – Workers' compensation medical fee schedule for physicians

Charitable Gaming

                820 KAR 1:050E - Raffles

Health and Family Services 

902 KAR 002:020E – Reportable disease surveillance

902 KAR 002:211E –  Covering the face in response to declared national or state public health emergency

902 KAR 002:220E –  School notification standards related to COVID-19

902 KAR 004:140E – Enhanced HANDS services in response to declared national or state public health emergency

902 KAR 008:160E – Local health department operations requirements

902 KAR 008:170E – Local health department financial management requirements

902 KAR 20:160E – Chemical dependency treatment services and facility specifications.

902 KAR 20:440E – Facilities specifications, operations and services; residential crisis stabilization units.

902 KAR 30:010E – Enhanced early intervention services in response to declared national or state public health emergency

907 KAR 3:300E – Enhanced and suspended Medicaid services and requirements if there is a declared national or state emergency

907 KAR 015:070E Coverage provisions and requirements regarding services provided by residential crisis stabilization units.

907 KAR 015:080E Coverage provisions and requirements regarding chemical dependency treatment center services.

921 KAR 003:025E – Technical requirements

921 KAR 003:035E – Certification process

922 KAR 001:450E – Eligibility confirmation for tuition waiver

922 KAR 001:490E – Background checks for foster and adoptive parents, caretaker relatives, kinship caregivers, fictive kin, and reporting requirements

922 KAR 001:520E – Supplements to per diem rates

922 KAR 002:410E – Enhanced requirements for certified and licensed child care as a result of a declared state of emergency