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Committee Details

Special Committee
Public Water and Wastewater System Infrastructure Task Force


Evaluate policy options on the following topics (1) implement the recommendations adopted by the task force during the 2019 Interim; (2) identify the appropriate state agencies to undertake the oversight, regulatory, and enforcement responsibilities recommended by the task force during the 2019 Interim relating to the development of best management practices, the evaluation and identification of troubled water or wastewater utilities, and the development and administration of initial and continuing training requirements for water and wastewater utility officials; (3) identify statutes that would need to be amended to implement policy options and any legal impediments to implementing specific policy options; and (4) identify federal, state, and local resources that may be used to accomplish the implementation of the task force's recommendations and to otherwise fund water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

Citizen Members

  • Jory Becker - Member
  • Edith Frick-Halbleib - Member
  • Josiah Keats - Member
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  • Stefan Kasacavage - Committee Staff Administrator
  • Janine Coy
  • Tanya Monsanto
  • Rachel Hartley - Committee Assistant
  • Susan Spoonamore - Committee Assistant