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Committee Details

Special Committee
Lottery Trust Fund Task Force


Review the recent budgetary trends and the various uses of the lottery trust fund. Evaluate the performance of the various scholarship and grant programs funded by the lottery trust fund. Review KRS 154A.130 for any recommended changes. Analyze the scholarship and grant needs expected for the Commonwealth for the immediate future. Compare the current system with other states' scholarship and grant programs. Develop and submit any recommendations and changes the task force may adopt relating to the lottery trust fund and how to better align the use of the funds with the current and future needs of the Commonwealth to the LRC.
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  • Cynthia Brown - Legislative Analyst
  • Joshua Collins - Legislative Analyst
  • Katy Jenkins - Legislative Analyst
  • Haley Webb - Legislative Analyst
  • Justin Smith - Fiscal Analyst
  • Mariah Derringer-Lackey - Committee Assistant