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Legislative Moments

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How has Kentucky developed and evolved since 1792?

The Kentucky Historical Society has addressed that question since it started the Legislative Moments series in 2004.

In the first years, KHS focused Legislative Moments vignettes on the vital role Kentucky’s legislators have played in bringing the commonwealth to where it is today. With each decision it makes, the General Assembly shapes Kentucky’s present, future and, over time, its history.

Through the years, KHS also has written about other Kentuckians who helped to shape the commonwealth, drawing as much of the content as is possible from its own artifact and archival collections.

The Kentucky Historical Society welcomes the opportunity to present Legislative Moments each year. KHS knows that engaging with the past not only helps us understand how Kentucky has developed and evolved since becoming a state, but it also prepares us to confront the challenges of the future.