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2022 Redistricting Maps

​​Senate District Maps 

Senate Plan (S1301B01) became law (KRS 5.100 - 5.138) January 21, 2022, with enactment of Senate Bill 2.

House District Maps

House Plan (HH002C03) became law (KRS 5.201 - 5.300) January 20, 2022, with enactment of House Bill 2

Congressional District Maps

Congressional Plan (C1278B01) became law January 20, 2022, with the enactment of Senate Bill 3.

Supreme Court Maps

Supreme Court Plan became law January 18, 2022, with enactment of House Bill 179.

All of the maps provided are PDF files and require an Acrobat pdf reader, available free from Adobe. Click on the link to view the map, or download it, by right-clicking on the link and doing a "save as".