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Radio News Releases

LRC Public Information offers audio feeds over the Internet to help radio news directors obtain timely actualities and pre-produced news spots. 

Feel free to reproduce and broadcast any of these clips for bona fide news purposes. If you are accessing our files for the first time, please take a moment to register via email at Members of the general public are also invited to download and listen to audio news releases from members of the Kentucky General Assembly.

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TitleDescriptionPosted DateFile SizeDownload
Senate Bill 228 DUI MarijuanaSB 228 seeks to establish a numeric value for being legally under the influence of marijuana. The radio report features comments from Sen. Johnnie Turner, District 29, who sponsors the bills Length 1:583/9/20232851062SB 228 DUI Marijuana.mp3
House Bill 551 - Sports WageringThis reports on House Bill 551 which would legalize sports wagering in Kentucky. It features comments from sponsor Rep. Michael Meredith. Length 2:263/8/20233523254HB551 Sports wagering.mp3
House Bill 547 Religious Freedom in Public SchoolsHouse Bill 547 seeks supports religious freedom in public schools for school personnel. The report is 2:12 featuring Representatives Christ Fugate and Kevin Jackson.3/7/20233190902HB547 Religious Freedom.mp3
Senator Funke Frommeyer comments on Senate Bill 67Senator Funke Frommeyer comments on Senate Bill 67 - Free standing birthing centers :133/7/2023442991Senator Funke Frommeyer comment on Home Birthing 1.mp3
 Senator Funke Frommeyer comments on SB 67 Free standing birthing centers. :133/7/2023332023Senator Funke Frommeyer comment on Home Birthing 2.mp3
Sen Thomas comments on Bithing Centers SB 67 :15 3/7/2023432823Senator Thomas comments.mp3
Sen Danny Carroll commentSound bite for Ky Dept of Juvenile Justice Senate Bill 1623/7/2023627964Sen Danny Carroll on SB 162 - Recipe for Disaster.mp3
Legislative week in review 3//3/23For the week endng 3/3/23. we review several bills before state lawmakers including the Juvenile Justice System and gender. Length 2:383/3/20233808497Week in Review 3-3-23.mp3
SB 268 DUI Child Support - Melanie's LawSenate Bill 268, “Melanie’s Law” seeks to impose child support payments of someone convicted of drunk driving if it causes death or permanent disability to the parent of a minor child. It features Bill Sponsor Senator Davie Yates of Louisville. 1:50 3/2/20232658102SB268 DUI Child Support.mp3
Senate Bill 162 - Overhaul of Juvenile Justice SystemAn extended radio report on the latest Senate move to improve the embattled KY Dept. of Juvenile Justice. Featuring Senators Danny Carroll and Robin Webb. Length 3:003/1/20234372848SB162 DJJ.mp3