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Kentucky Administrative Regulations

Unofficial WWW Version

Administrative regulations you may view and print out will appear as follows:

  1. 020 = Current effective administrative regulation
  2. 020reg = Administrative regulation going through process
  3. 020E = Emergency administrative regulation in effect

Administrative regulations available on the LRC Web site include:

  1. Administrative regulations and emergency administrative regulations currently in effect as of the 15th of the previous month;
  2. Proposed new and amended administrative regulations filed by noon on the 15th of the previous month which are going through the regulation process.

The administrative regulations provided at this World Wide Web site are an unofficial posting of the Kentucky Administrative Regulations as maintained in the official internal administrative regulations database of the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission. Pursuant to KRS 13A.050(1), the Kentucky Administrative Regulations Service shall constitute the official state publication of administrative regulations.

Pursuant to KRS 61.874, it is unlawful to use any records available on this site for a commercial purpose without agreement with the Legislative Research Commission.