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Committee Details

Statutory Committee
Capital Planning Advisory Board


The 1990 General Assembly established the Capital Planning Advisory Board (CPAB) of the Kentucky General Assembly. It is composed of 16 members appointed by all three branches of government. Pursuant to statute, the board is to create a six-year comprehensive statewide capital improvements plan, encompassing all state agencies and universities, to be submitted to the heads of the three branches-the Governor, the Chief Justice, and the Legislative Research Commission-by November 1 of each odd-numbered year. This schedule enables the comprehensive capital plan to be used in the subsequent budget process and legislative session.

Citizen Members

  • Scott Brinkman - Member
  • Charles Byers - Member
  • John Chilton - Member
  • Laurie Dudgeon - Member
  • Carole Henderson - Member
  • John Hodgson - Member
  • Stephen Knipper - Member
  • William Landrum - Member
  • Dan Markwell - Member
  • Mark Overstreet - Member
  • Kaelin Reed - Member
  • Katie Shepherd - Member
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  • Shawn Bowen - Committee Staff Administrator
  • Julia Wang
  • Jennifer Luttrell - Committee Assistant