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Kentucky State Senate Page Program

​​​​​​Full-Time Pages​

The Kentucky State Senate chooses ambitious high school seniors, and sometimes juniors, who are of high academic standing to serve as Pages each legislative session. The pages will serve a full year, including extraordinary sessions, if possible. Although the legislature demands a great deal of the Pages' time, each Page is expected to attend their school activities according to school policy.

The Kentucky General Assembly begins session each year at noon on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January, and works until approximately mid-April in 60 day session years and the end of March in 30 day sessions​. Serving as a Page in a professional working environment will contribute to the participant’s confidence and self-esteem. Because Pages learn to accept a large degree of personal responsibility for their work, the Page experience helps prepare them for the future demands of their academic and professional careers.

Pages also develop meaningful friendships with others and a sense of belonging to a time-honored tradition of public service. They meet and relate to a large group of people from around the state and begin learning how to make good personal decisions as they manage their finances, transportation, work demands, housing, and new friendships.

Pages will be expected to be pleasant, courteous, and helpful to all persons. Adherence to all legislative policies and procedures is expected. The use of illegal drugs or alcohol may result in immediate dismissal. Pages report to work each day one hour prior to the beginning of session and will leave upon completion of their legislative duties after the Senate adjourns for the day. Pages are paid by the day at a rate of $52.00.

All Pages wear a navy blazer with the seal of the Commonwealth of Kentucky embroidered on it. This blazer will be provided to them by the Senate while they are employed. They are also expected to wear gray dress slacks or khaki pants or skirts and white or blue dress shirts. Decorum on the Senate floor is of the utmost importance at all times. It is improper to chew gum or eat while serving as a Page in the Senate Chamber. Cell phones should also be turned off while the Senate is in session.

Duties of a Senate Full-Time Page

On a rotating basis, Pages are assigned to the chairs in the front of the chamber for general assignments, and to the Amendment Clerk's office as well. While in either position, Pages respond to requests from Senators and staff at their desks in the chamber and sometimes assist with the handling of Senate materials and supplies. Pages are supervised by the Amendments Clerk who ultimately answers to the Chief Clerk of the Senate.

How to apply to be a Full-Time Page

If interested in becoming a full-time Page of the Senate, one must contact the Chief Clerk of the Senate Donna Robinson Holiday at 502-564-5320 or email You will then be asked to submit a cover letter stating why you would like to be a Senate Page, along with a résumé. Please include all contact information.

The Clerk may then contact you at a later date for a job interview. The clerk will also contact all area schools to make sure that the applicant is of high academic standing and is eligible to serve as a Page for the year.

Daily Page of the Senate

Daily Pages usually are between the ages of 12 and 18. Although Pages generally have one Senate sponsor, they perform a valuable service for all senators and staff by delivering messages, running errands, copying material and delivering bills--just to name a few. During a normal day, there is a pool of Pages available.

The Page Supervisor is in charge of the Pages and is located inside the Senate Chamber. Full-time Pages and Daily Pages do not have the same duties, and are supervised by different offices. The Page Supervisor shows each Page where they are to be stationed during the session and instructs them as to proper decorum. All Pages should dress appropriately for the venue where they will serve for the day. Please leave cell phones turned off while the Senate is in session. Each Page will be presented with a certificate of appreciation at the end of the day's work by their Senate sponsor.

The Kentucky State Senate also encourages those with disabilities to participate in the legislative process while serving as Senate Pages. The age limit may vary; however the dress requirements are the same. You may contact your senator or the Senate Clerk to schedule your day at the Capitol and to get more information.

Sunny Page Initiative in the Senate

The Kentucky State Senate Sunny Page program is a bipartisan campaign initiated by Senators Danny Carroll and Dennis Parrett during the 2017 General Assembly to raise awareness and encourage children with disabilities to participate in the legislative process while serving as Senate Pages in the Daily Page program.

How to Become a Daily Page of the Senate

To become a Daily Page or Sunny Page, please contact your senator at 502-564-8100 or the Senate Clerk at 502-564-5320 or 502-564-2450 or to arrange for a Senate sponsor. To streamline the process, please fill out the online applications for Daily or Sunny Pages and submit to your senator’s office or the Senate Clerk via email.

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